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Double Or Nothing Strategy

Learn how to play double or nothing!

Double or nothing tournaments have a very different strategy for regular tournaments, due to the fact that the pay structure is completely different. Double or nothing sit and go half of the players to double their fee and half the players lost. An example might be a player for 10 $ 20 Double or Nothing sit and go, where the top 5 finalists will receive $ 40 and the first 5 to go to get nothing.

Double Or Nothing Strategy Guidelines

Before the game: Before the game starts, go to the room. If the second gift from four or more players have already registered, this is a table with many rules (regular, who always play, grind). If you sit there, rake, more rules, make your profit is very low.


It is vital to identify the records to see who is who, and you will play a kind of game against them and other, completely different from others.


"Having a bank, for a change, properly. The recommended approach is 40buy-ins


Before you play understand:


"In a game of buy-in of ten dollars, its capital is obviously of $ 10, and if you bend (the elimination of an adversary) to equity is 15:55. But all the others who remain, have been given equity 10.55! In other words, if you're all in the first leg, the risk is $ 10.00 and a gain of $ 5.55. Therefore, the $ 10 / $ 15.55 = 64.5%, then you need to win an all-in at the beginning of time 02/03 tournament to stay in the tie. You do not get pot committed, in any case in which there are at least two thirds of the expectations of victory. (A KK vs JJ + and AK, for example, has 62.6% of the stock pot.


"When two players face each other, the remaining value goes to the other players who have not entered the boat. If a player loses $ 10 and earn another $ 5.55, $ 4.45 is still left over, which is divided equally among the remaining players. So if your chips for $ 10, and a player loses a whole against a third party, your chips now worth 10.55! So if there is a strong player in the game, this advantage virtually eliminates the commission for you! While other players are eliminated, that equity becomes larger and larger redistributed. This means that the benefit of seeing two players increases tenfold less players there.


Game start tactic -To open a position, you need a strong hand. The article recommends only big pairs and AK. Positions later, you can open a wider range of hands, if their opponents are regular, and playing multiple tables at once. Play only 10% of his hands against a blind steal.


Rarely is the correct flat calls. In general, re-raise or fold is the best way.


Do not try too broken. In most games Mining whole "need 11-1 to 15-1 odds implied to be profitable. However, in the Don, it is necessary to 20-1 to 24-1, due to the difference between $ CEV and EV. As a general rule, do not try to flop a set, even in the early stages, less than last place in a pot with many limpers.


- Your primary goal should be to maintain the stack, since, as the case may negotiate an increase in higher levels later. If you can keep track 1300-1400, followed by increased pressure on the batteries. Also, stay strict compliance increases, which later will make a difference.


Half game tactic - When the onset of before, the incentive for blindsteal be much higher. As soon seems small relative to the blinds represent enough, stealing blinds and then starts to become an important strategy to conserve battery


-Keep in mind that the batteries will drive very short, and generally avoid getting into the pots where there is at least 70% chance of winning. This is especially important in games where two or more players have already been


"To fight and lose against a big stack is a mess, if you have a reasonable amount of chips. With a healthy stack, which usually must earn 80-85% of the pots against them. Remember that this means of payment only with AA, and search there.


Final game tactic - With six players remaining, and you're not the last, the value of your chips is 85% of the final award, or more. In a DoN $ 10, for example, ensure that their chips at $ 17, and the prize, $ 20. So keep pushing, even with a pair of aces in your hand is marginal, and definitely not recommended if you're in fourth or better.


"If you have a big pile, it is their responsibility to eliminate players. Do not worry about paying anything, even if you have a pot odd exception. Just finish in the top five. His priority is to avert disaster. There will be times when an increase or even push still be appropriate, especially if you have a record with a lot of chips unless you.

Press enough records to be smart enough to bend and push the players little slack if your battery is healthy. It is your responsibility to identify potential contributors. There are many situations in which to push with any two cards is correct records, and only first quality press against other reason. However, it must rely solely on the MCI or the Nash equilibrium, as the cake recipe, but make constant adjustments, which can make the difference between winning and losing.


"Never before flop clean, like a trap, even with AA. Even if someone could lead to the truth, you will earn 80-85% of the time, as you need to earn 65-90% just to stay on the threshold of profitability. There is nothing wrong to increase and just win the blinds, which is an outcome favorable to their chances of victory.


"If the opportunity arises, try to raise the blinds at the right time for you, like asking when the time is short and lack UTG 1 minute to raise the blinds.


- If you are in the past, and the player to your left does not fold to the shove, perhaps more worthwhile to give a limit of the call elsewhere to save your skin.



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